The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout is a tiny art temple by the sea. Isolated yet at the heart of cultural innovation, it is a magical and stimulating setting for artists to respond each in their own fascinating way. Click here to see a film about the Lookout.


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Next on at the Lookout:


Saturday 17th November - Clare Burnett at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, 12 - 2 pm - Drinks. Meet Clare who is preparing for her installation as part of ALIVE in the UNIVERSE at the Venice Biennale next May.


Saturday 1st December - Caroline Wiseman Modern and Contemporary Christmas Show Opening 11- 4pm at the Aldeburgh Beach Art House. Tessa Newcomb studio in The Lookout. Festive food and drink all day.


ALIVE in the UNIVERSE- For the Venice Biennale 2019 - An exploration into the meaning of existence and fruit of conversations between Benjamin Britten and EM Forster.

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