The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout is a tiny art temple by the sea. Isolated yet at the heart of cultural innovation, it is a magical and stimulating setting for artists to respond each in their own fascinating way. Click here to see a film about the Lookout.


Announcing the Aldeburgh Academy - a brand new art course based at the inspirational setting of the Lookout. Find out more about the courses on offer here.


See our What's On page for events and exhibitions coming up at the Lookout. Next on at the Lookout Perienne Christian, Everyday Weeds.


Alive in the Universe - For the Venice Biennale 2019 - An exploration into the meaning of existence and fruit of conversations between Benjamin Britten and EM Forster.

Submit your 2 minute film now. There will be a week long trip to Venice on the 16th October. Please email for more details.





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