Here and Now


Here and Now is a 4min 11sec animated video work created by Hall in 2016. Hall is one of Britain’s most distinguished sculptors. His works, principally made of polished wood or steel, are concerned with three dimensional space, mass and line. His abstract drawings and geometric sculptures give as much prominence to voids and shadows as to the solidity of material and each work changes with light and viewpoint reflecting the landscapes that inspired them.  


Caroline Gay Way

Dancing Light

Dancing Light — a Light Occurrence that is otherworldly and strange. It takes the viewer through the artist's raw response as it happened within the body of her sight-specific Amazing Maze artwork. The video continues through various phases of soundscape visual response. Morphing into a video fusion of Light Seeds and performance art - featuring 4 year old Venice Perincek Way who for a few moments, becomes the human embodiment of Dancing Light.

Julian Simmons_Sarah Lucas