Which Bloomsbury character would you like to be?


Join us for traditional Sunday Lunch on Sunday 7th April at a country house near Aldeburgh. Recipes from the original Bloomsbury cookbook, lovingly cooked by Susie Joyce. Choose your character from these available, guide price £50 per character. Join in the Bohemian fun!


































ALIVE in the UNIVERSE Screening

Saturday 20th April.


1 minute art-films will be screened in The Lookout.


ALIVE in the UNIVERSE at the Venice Biennale

May 4th - June 8th.

You are invited to make one minute art-films, click here for artist brief.



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Top Bertrand Russell, middle left Ralph Partridge, middle right Frances Partridge, bottom left Lytton Strachey and bottom right E.M Foster.

Top left Roger Fry, top right T S Eliot, bottom left Helen Anrep and bottom right Angelica Bell.