Telfer Stokes, Tessa Newcomb and Henry Jackson Newcomb

Suffolk artists Tessa Newcomb, her partner Telfer Stokes and her son Henry Jackson Newcomb chose Venice for inspiration - the same extraordinary city where Telfer's late father the artist/writer had been inspired many years before.


The result was a fascinating exhibition of four different creative interpretations of Venice held in another extraordinary place infused by water - Aldeburgh.  And where more appropriate than the gallery on the beach, The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout.


“Venice is a potent symbol of the mother.  As we ride the canals we move within her circulation.” Adrian Stokes.


“We went to Venice in November.  It was wet, very wet.  The rain seemed to be filling the canals.  The tide rose.  Venice carries on with its usual nonchalant style.  Workmen lower their umbrellas as their boat just gets under the bridge but they don’t sit.  On the traghetto only cissys sit.  School children arrive from other islands, their boats rock and crash against the fondementa.  We are all floating on a fresh green sea.  A priest enters his church with the water.  The dustboat performs its morning ballet saving the floating rubbish from rats and in the small shop round the corner the cake mix is moved up another shelf.” Tessa Newcomb.


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