Alive in the Universe at the Venice Biennale presents a one day encounter in honour of water: LIFE OF WATER

Curated by Miche Fabre Lewin and Flora Gathone-Hardy of Touchstones, LIFE OF WATER is a one-day convivial performative installation that honours the City of Venice. In collaboration with farmers, glass-makers, chefs, activist-researchers and winemakers we offer a taste of the artisan through water, salt and soil.


Through the day visitors will experience tasting, performance, conversations, rituals, films and soundscapes. And, have the opportunity to meet artists, environmentalists and scientists all devoted to the precious element of water.


‘As part of our research residency in Venice, we encountered people who are passionate about the city’s diverse cultures of artisan living, and who are campaigning to protect the delicate ecology of Venice, its hinterland of food gardens and the wider salt marshes of the lagoon.


As ‘amici d'acqua’ caring for the life of water, we are all working in ways that respect the essential interconnections between nature and culture.


Through convivial and contemplative rituals, LIFE OF WATER is a tribute to the artful, spiritual and political dimensions of ecological living.’