The Leonardo Question 

Written by Caroline Wiseman and directed by Helen Atkinson-Wood from Blackadder, a reading of The Leonardo Question was performed as part of Aldeburgh's annual High Tide festival.


The question for Leonardo da Vinci is of fundamental importance to art.  To answer it, Leonardo, as timeless wisdom, is brought up to date on the history of art by a young history of art student, our narrator.  


She takes both him and us on a journey through the  modern and postmodern art worlds.  In this gripping, often hilarious, true story of passion and power we meet Picasso, Duchamp, Pollock, Warhol, Hirst and Emin.  


They and the influential art world people around them re-enact, in their actual words, pivotal moments in the story of modern art.  Leonardo’s considered answer to the question, also delivered in his own actual words, points the way forward to a new art world after postmodernism.


Left to right: James McDermott, Helen Atkinson-Wood, Alice Osmanski, Kes Gill-Martin

by Caroline Wiseman