Shaun Caton

The Cult House


‘Marvelous and highly inventive…’ Albert Irvin RA OBE


In African cultures a CULT HOUSE is akin to a sacred hut or  shrine, in which a community stores its ancestor statues and magical power objects

for initiates to revere and activate in their private ceremonies – perhaps in a similar way museums present rare and unusual items to their visitors.


Taking the concept of the Lookout as a tower for looking outwards to the sea and beyond, and inwards, to world of the imagination and the supernatural, Caton presents spectators with his own inimical world in miniature, in which many of his totems are made from salvaged, recycled drift wood, flotsam and jetsam sourced from the coastline.


A collector of fragmentary stories,  remembered dreams, and archaeological finds, Caton presents a tableau vivant  that is both enticing and disquieting to the viewer, and through his experimental use of colour he reaches out and connects spectators to this inner world. His work is often hard to categorize and has been described as  ‘a supernatural garden’ by the American poet Clayton Eshleman. However, it operates on multiple sensory levels, and Caton often employs mesmerizing colour shadow puppetry, slowed down repetitive movements, grotesque masks, with live drawing/painting actions in richly layered, mesmerizing performances. Please see here for more details and works for sale.