Sarah Lucas and Julian Simmons


Alive in the Universe at the Venice Biennale premieres new work by Sarah Lucas and Julian Simmons.


British artists Sarah Lucas and Julian Simmons have created a new video work being shown for the first time at Alive in the Universe at the Venice BIennale. This 2 screen work is showing for one day only on Saturday May 11 at Palazzo Pesaro Papavafa.


Lucas writes: “I’ve always had eggs in my work. It started with TWO FRIED EGGS AND A KEBAB back in the early nineties, which was the piece of work that launched me on the world. Since then I’ve tried to keep an egg in things, in most exhibitions. Now this - a women’s egg throwing event, which I’ve done twice before, once in Berlin and once in Mexico. For women as I like to do things for women, because eggs are relevant to women …and they are finite. They are not like sperm, you can’t just endlessly wank and spurt them everywhere. So it’s kind of about futility, not just women’s futility, futility in the world.”

Julian Simmons_Sarah Lucas Julian Simmons_Sarah Lucas