Antony Gormley Sculpture

Pebble Homage

Ongoing - open daily


Pebble Homage is a participative art installation at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, to coincide with Antony Gormley's sculpture on top of Aldeburgh's Martello Tower.


You will be given a marker pen and invited to choose a pebble from the beach.  As you walk towards the Martello Tower and back, we challenge you to think about life and to write a short thought on your pebble.  These pebbles will be collected together to form an installation.  In one year's time they will be scattered over the beach to be found by future generations.


This will be accompanied by a Pebble Homage selling exhibition inside the Lookout including works by Antony Gormley, Roger Hardy, Henri Matisee, Tessa Newcomb, Peter Randall Page and Ai Wei Wei.



Pebble Homage Progress image IMG_1445