Liza Adamczewski

Art and Food

Member Liza Adamczewski is hosted a 'Cubists and Futurists' Dinner at the ArtHouse on Friday 17th July.  


Liza Adamczewski trained at Camberwell & the Royal College

She exhibited a series of paintings entitled 'Disasters and Horizons at Sea', all inspired by the history of The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout.


Liza said "I want to talk about food and art but not in the usual way. This will be a romp at a breakneck speed through the history of food in art, an off the cuff wandering about what and how we eat. I would love the other diners to come with strong opinions and a bottle of champagne. Participants may need to bring an apron and a sense of humour! Three courses from the cubists to the futurists and hopefully we may all become absurdists along the way."




Cubist soup from the sea

Delicious soup to be deconstructed by the diners, squid and squid ink pasta


Filipino Tommaso Merinetti - Italian futurist salad Nicoise

A performance piece in which all the diners become participants



Merringue and strawberries arranged and eaten in an artist manner


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