Katharine Fry & Rebecca Farmer

Ghosts of Time












Visual artist Katharine Fry and poet Rebecca Farmer work in conversation to create images and words inspired by the nature of time.


Katharine Fry's practice is concerned with experience and representation of time. Working across installation, film and performance, she uses these forms to reflect or criticise different scales and models that are used to represent and measure time or to try to enable an experience of time she calls the constant instant.


The constant instant is an experience of time that is non successive, non productive and non entropic. It is a now that is infinite, not part of a linear scale. Fry draws parallels between the constant instant and the light-like interval in space-time and will use this as a device in a film series made in and around the Lookout.  The series explores how a light ray might witness an event, where, instead of a succession, everything is happening.


Rebecca Farmer's pamphlet ‘Not Really' was a winner in the 2014 Poetry Business Competition, judged by Carol Ann Duffy. Blake Morrison said of her poems: ‘Here's a world where Croydon becomes Venice, ghosts inhabit fridges and quotidian reality is both honoured and transformed. Her voice is arresting - heartfelt, too.’ She is currently working on her first collection and she is a PhD student at Goldsmiths.