Helena Burton

This was a residency in the top room of the Lookout gallery, in which Helena Burton discussed creativity with the public - who were invited up an outside spiralling staircase to meet and talk with her. During her stay Helena regularly photographed and filmed what she could see from the tower and wrote in any free time on

the subject.


Helena Burton is a British artist who has shown and sold her work all over the world with great success.  Her paintings have been featured in TV shows such as Grand Designs, and her buyers include writers, politicians, film stars, TV presenters and Royalty. Her most popular paintings were those of the Suffolk coast, where her family have lived for 15 years. Diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis 10 years ago Helena was forced to stop painting commercially and instead finished her Masters in Arts Psychotherapy. She works now as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and writer, but still paints in her free time, although due to her health condition her style of work underwent some radical changes.