Requiem for a Piano

Frances Shelley says "Film maker Jason Gairn and I spent a week living and making this film in the Lookout tower on Aldeburgh beach. Long obsessed with the idea of playing a piano on the beach, when I was offered the ‘Foreign Model’ (an 170 year old Chapels upright beyond repair and bound for the skip) I was decided. I took it down to the beach, recorded its last sounds and mixed this in with new music I composed from the tower. Everyone concerned (including the 4 lifeboatmen who carried the piano down to the beach) thought it would be submerged by the high tide. It seems we underestimated the power of our principal characters - the sea and the piano - who had other ideas.


So where is the Foreign Model now? living a life of adventure on the high seas? Get it touch if you have a sighting."


A new album The Sea Sessions, using the musical outtakes from the week is under way.




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