Susan Brinkhurst


Toil “and the shroud was started with a steady rhythm, back and forth - never ending, or so it seemed. The incessant toil known instinctively and understood by women whose strands must to be kept orderly lest they unravel and escape. Back and forth. Back and forth. Again and again the generations follow as each shroud is completed with the knowledge of common threads. She moved once more across the room.

‘did you know’, she asked the boy , ‘that ants sleep standing up?’”

The work is a Hymn of celebration for womanhood.

Since ancient times their instinctive wisdom has nurtured each new generation - passing on culture, sagacity and the poetry of life. This is achieved through a never ceasing toil. Like ants who are continually exchanging information as they move back and forth we build a rhythm that takes us through life. The shroud is a preparation for death in the joyous knowledge that new generations go forward.

Julian Simmons_Sarah Lucas