Eileen Haring Woods and Deborah Jaffe

SOUVENIR, Aldeburgh

SOUVENIR, Aldeburgh is an artwork about objects as memory / memory as objects.  Through a series of participatory artworks,

the town's residents were invited to explore what a new souvenir of Aldeburgh might be.  


Souvenirs are a pebble, a leaf, a divine piece of kitsch, a mass produced novelty item linked only to a place by the inclusion of the place name, an inappropriate or comical representation of a place,  or a handcrafted artwork sensitively commemorating the experience of a specific place.


These are all definitions of souvenirs. From prehistoric times to ancient civilizations, from pilgrim journeys to international holidays,

the temptation to acquire and collect souvenirs as objects of memory has remained strong and evolved into a massive industry.  


Eileen Haring Woods is an artist, curator, writer and producer. Originally from New York City, her background includes art, theatre, music, film, festivals, design and production. Deborah Jaffé is an author, cultural and design historian, ceramicist and painter. She has special interests in the history of souvenirs and memory studies; women and innovation; industrial design and the Cold War; and childhood, play and toys.


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