'Idle Hands'

"The devil soon finds work for idle hands so, during the many idle hours of an essentially idle man, I write, perform and illustrate, my own verse. which I have spouted at clubs and pubs, and often on Resonance FM, and have got away with it, up to now.  


I shall be bringing my own small press to The Lookout, where I hope to produce verse and linocuts and, on the Open Day, to enable visitors to do the same, based on short rhymes written by themselves or better, created on the spot.        


I will also be showing and offering for sale, prints from a set of 16 illustrations of my poem ‘Tommy The Tomcat Of St Ives,’ to be found on Youtube under the title ‘Subterranean Homesick Pussycat.’ As it is Aldeburgh, I will also be producing images (and a poem) derived from boats. An Artist’s Residency, at the age of 82 - an exciting and strange departure for me."



Nine Lives 2

Dudley Sutton is an English actor. He currently plays William Makepeace in Emmerdale.  

He embarked upon his residency here at the Lookout at the age of 82.

Dudley Smiling