Craigie Aitchison Recreated

To coincide with the launch of Craigie Aitchison A Life in Colour, by Cate Haste, Caroline Wiseman recreates the artist's London sitting room as the setting for her exhibition of his paintings and prints Craigie Aitchison Recreated.  Feb 28th - April 6th.


Cate Haste will deliver an illustrated talk at the ArtHouse Saturday 28th February, tickets £10.  Contact Caroline to book tickets 01728 452754 [email protected]


"To remember Craigie is to picture him in his idiosyncratic sitting room surrounded by his knickknacks" says Caroline, a dealer in modern art who was a neighbour and friend from the early 90s.  "I held a one man show for Craigie in the mid 90s and we were regular visitors to Craigie's home where he always welcomed us and where gin rather than tea or coffee was always on offer"


Craigie Aitchison Recreated is an exhibition which provides a very  personal portrait of the artist and complements the personal view of Craigie which Cate Haste explores in her new book. The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout is a tiny lookout tower on the beach in Aldeburgh and it will be turned into a recreation of Craigie Aitchison's sitting room with the help of some of Aitchison's own possessions.



Cate Haste launches her book

Craigie Aitchison: A Life in Colour 

with an illustrated talk in the Aldeburgh Beach ArtHouse

Saturday 28th February 11am

Tickets £10 each followed at 12noon by drinks in the Lookout (opposite the house on the beach)

Craigie Aitchison Recreated 2 9781848221291 Craigie Postcard-1sm 13Peo_Art_CRAIGIE AITCHISO copy ltor Henry Piper, Prue Piper Craigie Aitchison and

Craigie and Caroline Wiseman at  34 West Square in early 1998

Craigie at home at 32 St. Mary's Gardens

with his beloved Bedlingtons

The Lookout might look something

like this for Craigie Aitchison Recreated

Exhibition Saturday 28th February -Monday 6th April


Cate Haste is a biographer, historian and film-maker. Her last monograph/biography was a comprehensive study of life and work of artist Sheila Fell, Sheila Fell A Passion for Paint (Lund Humphries 2010) and won the Lakeland Book of the Year Award.


Join Bedlingtons and their owners on the Beach at the Lookout to celebrate Craigie's love of Bedlingtons. Drinks and Eats.

Bedlingtons on the Beach

Sat 28th Feb 12pm

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