Charlotte Jarvis


Artist presents female sperm as art at Venice Biennale


For one day only, May 9th, Alive in the Universe at the Venice Biennale presents the world premiere of a film and installation work by UK artist Charlotte Jarvis, entitled Corpus: In Posse.


This daring work is a collaboration between Jarvis and Professor Susanna Chuva de Sousal Lopes in Leiden and Kapelica Gallery / Kersnikova Institute ib Ljubljana.

Together they are attempting to make semen from Jarvis's (female) cells.  


The show includes two new films, a display of seminal plasma which was created on May 7th and a representation of an ancient Greek festival of Thesmophoria.


Charlotte Jarvis discussed the work earlier today, which was then followed by a workshop to further the understanding of the potential of this unique art and science collaboration.

Charlotte Jarvis Corpus In Posse