Carolyn Gowdy

Poem People  

"I love it when members of the public volunteer for a ‘Poem People Portrait’.


It is a very interactive experience.   As soon as they step into the installation space something magic just happens.  I like to simply hand things over to the universe as we go on a journey of the imagination together.  It is very spontaneous, a bit like child play.  


I believe every person is filled with inner beauty and poetry whether they are in touch with this  or not.  During the photo session I focus on finding the poem within the person.  It is very much about the flow of being in the moment.  Music is about flow and so is the sea.  The sea of conciousness is all around us.  That’s why Aldeburgh is such a perfect place for an international music festival.  


I look forward to developing  my  ‘Poem People at the Seaside’ project further  during my week long residency at ‘The Lookout’.


I am expecially interested in the relationship between inner and outer worlds.   I will endeavour to fill the   ‘Look Out’ interior with an assortment of  wonderments.    I will also keep an eye out for opportunities to extend the visual poetry onto the beach and beyond."