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ALIVE in the UNIVERSE invites everyone anywhere in the world to make a short ( up to 1 minute) art-film expressing how it feels to be alive in the universe.


We take our brief from Einstein. During 2018, The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout hosts Einstein on Aldeburgh Beach when, throughout the year, we study this great thinker whose insights penetrated every aspect of the universe including philosophy, creativity and religion, as well as science, for which he is best known. As Einstein realised, the wonder of human existence as part of one universal whole, can and must be examined both as science (through logic) and as art (through the subconscious). This is why ALIVE in the UNIVERSE uses art-films as an accessible and highly engaging 21st century tool for each of us to explore our own existence.


Every single film will be screened at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout during 2018. Selected filmes will be screened at the Bermondsey Project Space, Autum 2018. Shortlisted films will be screened at the Venice Biennale 2019 at the magical Palazzo Pessaro Papafara from May to mid July 2019.


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Films to watch:


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William Kentridge

Bill Viola

Pipilotti Rist


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Palazzo Papafava Venice

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ALIVE in the UNIVERSE art-films should be short, powerful and abstract (not narrative) using vision and sound to convey emotion. Feel free to collaborate with other people if you would like to.


Any equipment may be used, including mobile phones. Entry fee £20 – this includes free entry for another person somewhere around the world, who cannot afford to enter.


Please email your film to via WeTransfer.

For more information, ring 01728452754 or email.

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