Develop your method of painting through intense observation and experimentation. Working from the seascape and found objects, learn to establish patterns of interest through using different media; considering scale, form and space. Explore composition through mark making and collage. The course ends with an exploration of colour and exercise in cropping, and you will learn how to paint expressively.

Each 3 day course costs £270 inclusive. 9 days of courses of  your choice adds up to the Aldeburgh Academy Summer Diploma. Please email us via the contact form to make your booking, or ring 01728 452754 for more information.

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Painting- Friday 14th-Sunday 16th July

Day 1 - Scale, form and space

The course starts with a PowerPoint presentation, introducing students to artists' work and opening up the possibilities of paint, approach and conversation. The group takes an ‘art walk’ to investigate place and paint. The objective is to experience being in the moment, building a connection to the place and working in natural light. Using drawing as a tool, students experiement with different media to make drawings on paper and board to establish patterns of interest. They will then be encouraged to draw with a paintbrush on primed board.


Day 2 - Composition, layers and surface

A second PowerPoint presentation of key artists will be shown and group discussion relating to the works encouraged. Primary source material continues to be important and extends beyond the physical translation of mark making and recording to composition. Each student will focus on their preferred area of interest, working from a painting/drawing made on day one. Composition is explored through constucting a cardboard collage from a chosen work; incorporating elements such as colour, shape, form, line, scale, and layers- texture and horizon. Students will learn how to evaluate and simplify visual information through experimenting with mixed media, drawing materials, mark making implements and coloured paper of varying weights and surface.


Day 3 - Paint expressively

The final day focusses on making an emotive work which will explore the seascape not only objectively but how it creates feeling, by connecting to the seascape directly and spending time mixing colours. Students are encouraged to work from several primed canvasses (oil and acrylic paint), using a wide range of brushes. They will learn more about abstraction by discovering additional methods for image selection, cropping and using a viewfinder.


The only pre-requisite for this 3 day course is an open mind.

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